Email Forensics

Digital evidence in the form of email data can be crucial within civil and criminal cases. However, be sure it is extracted in the correct manner using email forensics.

With the prominence of the internet, emails have emerged as the most popular application for business communication, document transfers and transactions from computers and mobile phones. With this emergence, email security protocols have also been implemented to mitigate the illegitimate actions of criminals, such as business email compromise, phishing emails, and ransomware. However, there comes a time when specific emails need to be examined and data extracted for legal matters such as civil litigation and legally aided criminal investigations. This is where email forensics is applied.

The main concerns with email as evidence are:

1) Can emails be recovered from whatever devices and services might be involved?

2) Can emails be authenticated?

3) In cases where emails are erased or deleted, can enough data be recovered to support the case ?

i-Force addresses these issues and more by providing complete email forensics services for law firms, businesses, governmental bodies as well as private investigators.

  • More than two decades experience investigating and testifying in cases ranging from financial malfeasance to intellectual property theft to issues of national security where email was deleted, erased or its authenticity called into question
  • All types of devices and data types recovered, from phones to servers to webmail systems
  • All work performed by highly trained certified forensic examiners
  • Complete reporting and case support – from initial consultations to expert witnessing in court.

Email forensics experts

Email data should always be extracted by digital forensic professionals. This is highly recommended as they do so in a forensically sound manner ensuring that:

  • The email data is extracted in full and there is no question whether all data has been recovered
  • The validity of the data can be relied upon in both civil and criminal courts as admissible evidence
  • Ensures that no changes are made to the email metadata
  • It is compliant with the ACPO guidelines and the quality standards set out within the ISO17025 documentation and Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes of Good Practice and Conduct.
  • Any deleted emails and files are recovered where possible

Why consult with i-Force?

As a leading authority in digital forensics, i-Force has vast experience in email data extraction, data analysis for criminal and civil legal proceedings as well as using the obtained intelligence in fraud investigation. Our team of digital forensic investigators come from a variety of high integrity technical investigative backgrounds including law enforcement (CCU), academic and cyber security.  This combined experience allows i-Force to provide a leading digital evidence investigative service, backed by a dedicated hardware infrastructure to process vast amounts of data. This ensures that our clients receive the utmost quality of service and professionalism that is expected while meeting standards that can be relied upon in court.

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